Personal injury

Assistance and representation of the victim in the process of obtaining compensation.

The engagement of tort liability derives from situations in which a person does not respect the rules of conduct that the law imposes and harms, through his actions or inactions, the rights or legitimate interests of other people. This type of damages arise from extra-contractual situations and involve illegal acts such as car accidents, malpractice, damages derived from crimes, violation of the personality rights ( right to honor, reputation, privacy), violation of intellectual property rights, etc.

At Brisc Legal, personal injury lawyers from the Cluj Bar, we aim to maximize the compensation that a victim can receive, but also to protect the situation of the responsible person in the following situations:

  • extrajudicial negotiations in order to conclude transactions with guilty persons or insurers;
  • representation in court in case of litigation derived from malpractice, liability of service providers and medical products;
  • representation in disputes arising from car accidents, work accidents or others;
  • requesting moral damages for the violation of the right to image and honor (including denigration in social media or through press articles);
  • becoming a civil party in a criminal trial and obtaining compensation in this manner.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, it is essential to contact a tort lawyer which will guide you in your endeavor. Together we may establish the successful strategy for defending your interests. In such situations, we consistently establish a collaboration with those entitled to compensations which involves a success fee.

Choose the Brisc Legal team of lawyers from Cluj-Napoca for solving your legal problem.

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