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We advocate for the amicable settlement of disputes and initiate litigation only when we know we have chances of winning. We are litigation lawyers from Cluj and we want to be successful together.

Our team of specialist litigation lawyers recommends resolving legal disputes in an amicable, expeditious and mutually beneficial manner. However, if the only solution is court litigation, then we offer you unlimited support and all our professional expertise.

Brisc Legal lawyers from Cluj-Napoca: an experienced and reliable dispute resolution team

Our specialized litigation lawyers deal with many litigious situations in various fields:

  • commercial, insurance and debt recovery disputes;
  • foreclosure litigation including opposition to enforcement;
  • disputes concerning compensations from the National Authority for Property Restitution or the reconstitution of the property right;
  • administrative and fiscal law disputes;
  • corporate and competition law litigation;
  • real law, urban planning, constructions and real estate disputes;
  • employment, succession and family law disputes;
  • tort liability litigation (accidents and other causes).

Commercial disputes

We assist and represent clients in all procedural phases of a dispute and in all areas of commercial interest, such as contentious matters arising from commercial and insurance agreements, acquisition-related issues, banking issues, consumer protection, product liability, constructions, and real estate disputes.

We seek to anticipate the opposing party’s defenses and plan the strategy in advance to have permanent control over the course of the dispute and maximize the chances of obtaining a favorable court solution.

Debt recovery and enforcement proceedings

With a pragmatic and creative approach, we offer you support for the recovery of debts, either through direct negotiations with the debtors or through court proceedings, using simplified procedures, damages claims, or requests for the opening of insolvency proceedings. Similarly, we protect your interests within the debt recovery or enforcement proceedings initiated against you.

See our debt collection guide: Getting Paid under Romanian Jurisdiction.

Tax litigation

Handling the full range of tax-related disputes (taxes, duties and contributions to the State budgets) both before the fiscal authorities and subsequently for the annulment of the administrative tax decisions.

Assisting clients in challenging inspection minutes and tax decisions issued by the tax authorities for alleged breaches of regulations concerning the payment of various taxes and contributions, such as VAT, profit tax, social contributions, income tax, local tax.

Administrative litigation

Assisting and representing clients during the entire cycle of an administrative act (unlawful behavior of the relevant bodies: refusal to issue permits, authorizations, approvals, etc., delay in issuance, lack of answer, legal assessment of various authority documents, administrative preliminary challenge, representation in administrative contentious proceedings), and any other related issues.

Legal assistance and representation in town planning related issues and disputes. Assisting clients with the annulment of local legislative acts.

Corporate disputes

Pre-trial assessment of corporate related resolutions and conduct of corporate management bodies. Assisting clients in all phases related to corporate disputes settlement. We assist shareholders and management bodies in a broad range of corporate disputes: shareholders litigation, cancellation of corporate resolutions, cancellation of Trade Registry amendments, protection of minority shareholders, opposition to corporate resolutions, personal liability of directors and managers.

Real estate litigation

We represent clients before the competent courts in all disputes stemming from real estate matters, such as complex litigation concerning property rights over real estate, recovery of property of abusively seized real estate by the communist regime or related action for damages, land law judicial proceedings, establish of property boundaries, evictions, disputes with building contractors or in relation to lease agreements.

We have a strong background in challenging before the courts the decisions issued by the National Authority for Property Restitution (annulment of invalidation decisions, increase of compensations before courts – Law no. 10/2001, Law no. 18/1991, Law no. 165/2013).

Town planning and environmental

We address your town planning and environmental issues – procurement and cancellation of town planning documentation, environmental notices and agreements, town planning certificates, archaeological discharge, demolition and building permits, expropriations, demolition of illegal buildings, etc.

We have solid experiences in taking the local authorities before courts in order to obtain the favorable urban planning certificate or the building permit. The lawyers at Brisc Legal accumulated relevant expertise in urbanism and territorial development given the recent approval of new general urban plans at the level of the city of Cluj-Napoca and many other localities in Romania.

Assisting clients in challenging fines imposed by the Romanian authorities for alleged breaches of the legal framework applicable to constructions.

Employment disputes

Legal assistance and representation in the pre-litigation and litigation stage of employers, employees and persons in management positions as regards labor law and social security issues (enforcing the rights conferred by the individual or collective labor contract, non-compliance with clauses specific to the individual labor contract, defamation, violation of non-compete clauses, golden parachute compensation package, misappropriation of commercial secrets, protection of the intellectual property rights of the employer, unlawful or abusive dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment and libel, recovery of overdue salary rights).

Competition litigation

We advise and assist clients in competition related issues, both within down-raids and before the Competition Council and, subsequently, in judicial proceedings for challenging the sanctioning decisions. We may assist you in obtaining compensation for the harm caused by an infringement of the E.U. and national competition rules.

Inheritance. Family law disputes

We provide assistance with inheritance proceedings and related allotments and with family law related issues such as divorce, child’s custody and housing, alimony, child support, separation of community property, or conclusion of prenuptial agreements.

Personal injury

Our expertise extends to all cases of personal injury. We assist the victims during the whole compensation process (the conclusion of settlement agreements with the tortfeasors or insurers, obtaining judicial compensation). We may represent you within disputes arising from malpractice, medical liability, car accidents, product liability, etc. We may also assist you to obtain compensation by bringing a civil action in the criminal proceedings.

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