Insolvency, bankruptcy & creditors’ rights

Lawyer in Cluj specialized in Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We represent both creditors and debtors throughout the insolvency proceedings.

Regardless of which side of the barricade you are on, obtaining legal advice in insolvency and bankruptcy is the first step you must take to overcome this difficult situation.

Brisc Legal provides specialized lawyers in the insolvency of companies, and together we will identify solutions for business recovery or debt recovery.

We provide feasible solutions for both creditors and debtors, regardless of their status: creditors involved in debt recovery, employees, debtors facing imminent insolvency, suppliers, banks, or contractual partners.

Moreover, we assist creditors of the real estate developer when the construction project is on the brink of insolvency or bankruptcy.

Law firm in Cluj able to assist those involved in the insolvency process:

We offer an interdisciplinary approach and legal representation for creditors throughout the insolvency process. We provide:

  • Evaluation of clients’ alternatives for debt recovery and settlement options for the outstanding debt.
  • Assistance for creditors for the recovery of debt following the reorganization or liquidation of the debtor’s assets.
  • Cancellation of fraudulent transactions that diminish the debtor’s assets.
  • Appeals against measures taken by the insolvency practitioner.
  • Challenging the creditor tables and reports prepared by the judicial administrator/liquidator.
  • Holding the administrator accountable in the insolvency procedure for the uncovered debts.

We support debtors facing imminent insolvency. Before the situation worsens, we provide specialized support for debtors facing imminent insolvency.

We assist debtors or their representatives in the following situations:

  • Opening insolvency proceedings.
  • Protection against claims or abusive judicial requests for the initiation of insolvency proceedings.
  • Protection against claims for personal liability or annulment of allegedly fraudulent operations.

Check out the latest projects which involved our lawyers in Cluj specialized in insolvency:

  • We successfully rejected a creditor’s insolvency petition for an alleged claim exceeding 11 million euros.
  • We successfully represented a creditor, a public legal entity, in challenging the inclusion in the creditor’s table without the right to vote for a money claim of 8 million euros.
  • We successfully represented a debtor in the textile industry in the annulment of an alleged fraudulent tripartite offset operation with a value of 2.2 million euros.
  • We assisted a company operating in the electricity suppling industry with the opening of its insolvency procedure for claims totaling approximately 30 million euros.

Our lawyers in Cluj, specialized in insolvency and bankruptcy, will assist you with effective legal strategies in case of company distress.

Choose the Brisc Legal team of lawyers from Cluj-Napoca for solving your legal problem.

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