We provide legal assistance to employers in complying with the labor law legislation.

Labor law and social security often trigger challenging issues that are difficult to manage without experienced legal assistance.

Therefore, we offer you our expertise and actively engage in the development of documents that characterize employment relationships — customized employment contracts, job descriptions, work regulations, management schemes for companies or directors, collective labor agreements, or specific clauses for individual contracts.

Our support is also directed towards advising and representing foreign citizens in front of authorities regarding specific issues they encounter when seeking employment in Romania.

Labor law and social security involve a variety of problems faced by both employees and employers. That’s why we promptly respond to your requests and if any dispute arises we will firstly rely on smart negotiations.

  • Drafting specific clauses for individual labor agreements (clause of confidentiality, loyalty, confidentiality and non-competition, mobility clauses, clauses related to professional training or protection of IP).
  • Assisting companies in the case of personnel restructuring.
  • Establishing procedures and internal regulations for organizing the working time or in the case of cross-border detachment.
  • Support in drafting the necessary documents for termination of employment contracts (disciplinary investigation and sanctioning).
  • Facilitating mergers or acquisitions, as well as the collective transfer of employees to another employer.
  • Negotiating employment/management contracts for individuals in management positions (performance bonuses as equity or cash compensation).
  • Assisting administrators and directors in the termination process during restructuring.
  • Assistance related to the expat or foreigners labor regime (legal counseling on the employment legislation and legal requirements for expatriates, including residence and work permits and visas required for foreigners to work in Romania).

We stand by our clients in resolving labor and social security issues and provide representation in labor law disputes and employment lawsuits.

Here are the most common contexts where our expertise makes a difference:

  • Consultancy regarding rights conferred by the collective labor agreement or the individual employment contract.
  • Assistance and representation in cases of non-compliance with clauses mentioned in the individual employment contract.
  • Legal representation in cases of illegal or abusive dismissal, discrimination, harassment, defamation with obtaining indexed salaries and compensation.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights belonging to the employer.
  • Unfair competition practices of the former employees.

If you are looking for legal assistance related to labor law and social security, contact us for more details and specialized legal support.

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