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We provide assistance in areas of practice where we specialized in and have gained experience:


Lawsuits represent the point at which the legal issue can no longer be settled amicably. We will choose the right strategy and we will be impeccably prepared before the court in order to maximize the chances of obtaining the desired result. We provide representation in lawsuits throughout Romania.

Business issues

Your business needs legal advice to grow on a sound basis. We provide the daily consultancy that you need (contracts, corporate changes, debt recovery, consultancy specific to your area of ​​activity).

Real estate and construction

We specialize in the full range of legal issues generated by real estate and construction. We have expertise in urban planning law and assist the parties involved in real estate transactions, with land or construction of any kind.

Labor and social security

We provide consultancy to companies to organize their business in accordance with the rules imposed by labor law. We also assist employees against abuse from employers.

Insolvency and bankruptcy

The entire insolvency procedure requires specialized legal assistance. We provide assistance to creditors in recovering debts and advise troubled debtors to maximize their protection in the event of insolvency and bankruptcy.

Civil law issues

We have been involved over time in complex civil law issues. Thus, we acquired valuable expertise in matters of property division, succession, family law, contravention law, tort liability.

Case studies and legal news

Maximizing the chances of obtaining the desired result before the courts starts from anticipating as accurately as possible the course and outcome of a dispute. As specialized lawyers, we will be able to evaluate and anticipate the chances of a potential dispute being successful and thus work together to establish the best strategy. Based on our practical court experience, we decided to present in the form of case studies some lawsuits that may be of interest to you.

At the same time, you will be able to follow our legal news in the form of short informative materials. Based on these, you will be able to request our advice on legal issues that are of particular interest for you.

Choose the Brisc Legal team of lawyers from Cluj-Napoca for solving your legal problem.

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