Corporate and competition litigation

Corporate and competition law litigation lawyer: consultancy and representation in courts

Our experience and that of our partners has shown us that establishing a business and maintaining it on an upward trajectory involves resorting to professional legal assistance, capable of preventing and reducing risks, but also supporting you to maximize the chances of success.

Regardless of the stage of development of your business, Brisc Legal lawyers, from the Cluj Bar, with expertise in corporate and competition law litigation, will support you in preventing and resolving any disputes in these areas. We also offer you consultancy in establishing and strengthening business relationships with various contractual partners, anticipating possible obstacles that may harm your business.

  • pre-litigation analysis of corporate decisions and of the past behavior of management bodies;
  • assistance in the negotiation phases for solving corporate disputes through out-of-court transactions;
  • representation of associates/shareholders/representatives of management bodies in various corporate disputes: disputes between associates/shareholders, annulment of shareholders decisions, annulment or making mentions in the Trade Register;
  • protection of minority shareholders and personal liability of directors and officers.

Brisc law firm: effective resolution of competition law disputes

Non-compliance with the competition regulations regarding the economic activity on the Romanian market can bring you serious sanctions. The Competition Council fines companies with an anti-competitive attitude with up to 10% of the turnover.

In the litigious phase, we may support you in the following situations:

  • consultation and assistance during the unforeseen inspections of the Competition Council or, further, during the investigation;
  • representation in all procedural stages of challenging sanctioning decisions taken by the Competition Council;
  • legal support for obtaining compensation following the violation of national or European Union competition rules.

If you are facing one of the situations presented, call us with confidence and receive support from lawyers with expertise in corporate and competition law litigation from Cluj-Napoca.

Choose the Brisc Legal team of lawyers from Cluj-Napoca for solving your legal problem.

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