Employment. Inheritance. Family law

Lawyers in employment, succession and family law disputes

Our lawyers specializing in labor disputes intervene when tensions between employers and employees occur.

Employment and labor disputes for which we provide consultation and assistance in court:

  • your lawyer for non-observance of the rights conferred by the individual or collective employment contract;
  • your lawyer for non-compliance with the specific clauses of the individual employment contract;
  • legal services in case of violation of non-competition clauses or misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • protection of the intellectual property right of the employer;
  • defamation, discrimination, harassment and slander;
  • your lawyer in case of sanctions and illegal or abusive dismissal with obtaining indexed wages and damages.

We understand that family matters are sensitive topics to discuss, which is why we approach everything with empathy and discretion.

Whether you need support in matters related to inheritance and succession, the division of assets or for the collaboration with other family members for voluntary partition, the Brisc Legal law firm in Cluj is by your side. Similarly, Brisc Legal assists you with lawyers specialized in family law disputes.

For disputes related to inheritance partition or for division of marital property you will need a dedicated lawyer. Discover the cases in which we may offer you support and see our related case studied.

  • establishing the heir quality and the inheritance mass, carrying out the division of the estate;
  • assistance and representation in case of inheritances, donations, wills (cancellation of will and donations or of the caretaking agreement, reduction of the gifts that exceed the disposable portion, recovery of the debts upon inheritance);
  • divorce before the court (divorce due to exclusive fault, obtaining compensatory benefits, entrusting the minor, establishing a visit schedule for the parents of the minor);
  • termination of the marital community of property, establishment of contribution quotas and the partition of marital property between spouses following divorce;
  • parentage claims, parental authority or child support disputes.

For more details, get in touch with a lawyer specialized in employment, succession and family law disputes and find the optimal solutions for your situation.

Choose the Brisc Legal team of lawyers from Cluj-Napoca for solving your legal problem.

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