Fiscal and administrative litigation

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We fight the injustice caused by the actions of the authorities and support you against them.

Brisc Legal offers you assistance and representation in administrative and fiscal disputes.

Our law firm in Cluj offers you advice on numerous tax law issues:

  • disputes related to taxes, VAT, duties, excises and other contributions due to the state or local budget;
  • representation before the fiscal bodies in order to challenge administrative-fiscal documents;
  • assistance for challenging the inspection minutes and tax authority’s tax decisions (cancellation and suspension of tax acts);
  • anti-fraud controls, insurance precautions measures, challenging the decision to incur the joint and several liability for fiscal duties, suspension and appeal of enforced execution from ANAF;

Law firm from Cluj. Manages administrative law disputes

The abusive behavior of the authority must be fought and punished. Most of the times the only weapon is the rigorous fight in court, which requires detailed knowledge of the administrative and fiscal litigation procedure, as well as of the practice of the courts. Our experience helps us to anticipate court solutions based on established jurisprudence or to propose innovative solutions to change the orientation of the courts.

Our lawyers from the Cluj Bar specializing in administrative law offer you:

  • assistance against the illegal behavior adopted by the authorities: refusal to issue the document, delay in issuing, non-existence of a response to submitted requests;
  • analysis of the legality of documents issued by the authorities (notices, refusals, responses to petitions);
  • representation in administrative litigation cases, including the annulment of normative administrative acts;
  • challenging the reports and decisions issued following the inspections of the Romanian Court of Audit; representation in litigations initiated following the controls of the Romanian Court of Audit by which the recovery of the damages caused is ordered;
  • legal assistance and representation in the field of urban planning litigation: revision or annulment of individual and local normative acts (urban planning certificate, building permit, local council decisions, general, zonal or detailed urban plan, local urban planning regulations, etc.). See case studies for urban planning and real estate litigation.
  • We assisted an economic operator in a suite of administrative litigation in conflict with the local authority regarding the operation of a nautical leisure center.
  • We assisted a company from Cluj-Napoca in the field of constructions in tax disputes aimed at attacking the taxation decisions through which additional payment obligations representing VAT were imposed. and profit tax in the amount of over 4 million euros.
  • We assisted an Italian highway builder operating on the local market regarding the annulment of a tax inspection report and a tax decision that did not recognize the deductibility of expenses in the amount of 1.5 million euros.
  • We assisted a real estate investment fund regarding the annulment of a decision issued by the Anti-Fraud Directorate through which a real estate seizure was applied regarding an office building for an estimated damage of 1.2 million euros.
  • We represented a public law entity in a series of 32 court cases through which taxi operators requested the judicial issuance of transportation authorizations.

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